Movie Review: Masterminds

This movie answers a very important comedy question. Even under the conditions of having by far the most Saturday Night Live Cast members ever in a movie plus Zack Galifianakis and Owen Wilson can a comedy movie still be not funny? The answer is yes and the answer is yes because the story is not funny, most of the scenes are not funny, the dialogue is not funny and the entire concept of turning a real-life robbery into a comedy movie does not work. Kristen Wiig seemed like she knew that this movie was not funny because it was almost as if she was bored with her own part. Kate McKinnon, who is one of the most talented Saturday Night Life actresses ever on that show has a weird part where she seems autistic and she was not funny. Jason Sudeikis has a strange part in this movie where he plays a hit man and his part was never funny. Leslie Jones plays a police officer and is mostly serious during her entire role. Finally, Zack Galifianakis also plays a man who appears to be mentally disabled and he was never funny in this entire movie. Nobody laughed in the theater I was in, which is always the acid test for any comedy. The fact that this is a true story about an armored car robbery where 17 million dollars was stolen definitely did not save this mostly bad movie, which should be missed. So what makes a very good comedy movie? Very simple, a funny script and this movie did not have a funny script.

This movie is supposed to be a comedy but it was not funny so I cannot recommend it.

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