Past Movie Review: Pulp Fiction

The movie “Pulp Fiction” is considered a classic and is without a doubt the film in 1994 that turned Quentin Tarantino from an up and coming director into someone who is considered a movie making genius. The reason for this is because of the groundbreaking way the story was told – which was -“it all started at the end”. When I saw this movie start at the end and then circle back to the beginning and then end at the beginning scene I remember thinking at the time, why hasn’t anybody else done this before? I then remember thinking that this is sheer screenwriting genius. This movie is insane, violent and unlike anything that has ever been done before or since.

After Pulp Fiction, many other movies over the years have tried to duplicate the storytelling genius of this movie and have mostly failed. Nothing that I can remember in any movie I have seen in the last 30 years has been as unusual as Pulp Fiction was in 1994. This movie also resurrected the dead career of John Travolta, who after years of bad movies and the Let’s Who’s Talking franchise had a movie career that was in a downward spiral. In the very tough and fickle business of movie making the Travolta resurrection in this movie is a great example of how much anyone in this field who is successful owes someone else. I am sure that Travolta would be the first to agree that he owes his success to the genius of Tarantino and this great screenwriting achievement. Without one brilliant script that probably took Tarantino well over a year to write and re-write, a brilliant movie like Pulp Fiction would never exist and Travolta’s movie career would have ended in 1994. Samuel L. Jackson has never been better in any movie he has ever been in and some of the speeches he gave in this movie are now considered classics. Once again, without Tarantino’s brilliant dialogue great acting parts like those in Pulp Fiction would never exist in the first place.

This film has some gruesome action scenes, several murders, a great deal of foul language and a rape scene that was very disturbing. But it also has a scene where Uma Thurman dances with John Travolta which is also considered another movie classic. Pulp Fiction has an 8.9 rating on IMDB, which ranks it near the top of all-time movie list. If you have not already seen Pulp Fiction it is a must see classic movie.

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