Movie Review: Doctor Strange

The movie “Doctor Strange” once again answers the ongoing question about making money in Hollywood. Its name recognition (Doctor Strange is another well known Marvel Comic) and massive special effects enough to create a good movie that has a bad script and a bad story? For some movies I have seen in the past, this can sometimes happen, but in my opinion, this did not happen for this movie. The special effects in this film are spectacular throughout but all those special effects do not save what is a muddled and at times a rather stupid story that drags on too long and ends with a time loop scene with some kind of an evil cloud character that I thought did not work as an effective ending.

The story of this film is – a great surgeon, by the name of Dr. Steven Strange, who is almost killed in a car accident and because of the accident he has nerve damage that disables his hands so he can no longer operate. Through another patient who survived major nerve damage and walked again, Strange goes to Nepal to locate a sect that has mastered the art of using the spiritual world to heal the physical world. What follows is Dr. Strange slowly gaining abilities to bend time, space and transportation to different parts of the world through time portals. Of course, this ability also has a downside and there are evil people who have mastered the dark side of this ability, which seemed too much like the dark side of the Force in Star Wars. The actress Tilda Swinton does an effective job with her part as the head of a group of monks who hold the keys to these abilities along with the respected actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, but neither of these two acting performances or Benjamin Cumberbatch who plays Doctor Strange or Rachel McAdams who plays another doctor and Strange’s girlfriend is enough to rescue this mostly ridiculous movie that is all about special effects with very little story. For these reasons, I do not recommend Doctor Strange.

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