Movie Review: 20th Century Women

Is it enough to produce a movie that really doesn’t have any story, but some good acting and about 30 connected and disconnected scenes? Some people might be entertained by a movie like this, I was not. I was more annoyed by the fact that there was no story within this entire film and throughout almost every single scene there was more non-stop chain smoking than I have ever seen in any movie, mostly by Annette Benning. This movie takes place mostly in the 70’s and is about a single mother played by Benning and her 15-year-old son, played by Jucas Jade Zumman. They live in a run-down house and have taken in 3 borders to afford to live in this house and this movie is all about different disconnected scenes that are about these 5 people, with really no noticeable connected story. Yes, the acting of all the actors in this movie was good, but not good enough to overcome the non-stop chain smoking and the fact that what little story there was, was quite boring. On top of this, the individual scenes about the 5 main actors were not compelling enough to hold my attention for 2 hours.

I remember thinking that perhaps the producers mentioned a later lung cancer death of one of the actors 20 years in the future to perhaps cover themselves in case of a lawsuit due to the overly nightmarish smoking that was constantly going on with not only Benning’s character but several other characters as well. Other actors in this movie include Elle Fanning and Billy Crudup.

Due to the constant and annoying non-stop chain smoking and disconnected boring story, I cannot recommend this movie.

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