Movie Review: Logan

This movie had me wondering two things. How many people has the X-Men character played by Hugh Jackman stabbed in the new movie Logan? How many did he decapitate and how many people did he stab or decapitate in all the movies he has been in while playing the Wolverine? As far as people being stabbed and killed, this movie has to be the all-time record because in this latest and last installment of the Wolverine, he comes across a young girl played by young actress Dafne Keen who stabs, kills and decapitate’s almost as many people as the Wolverine does. If I had to guess, in this movie there are probably as many as 250 actual stabbings and about 75 people actually die. Somewhere this gets rather tiresome and in the case of this film, represents major overkill, pardon the pun.

For this latest installment, the story is mostly a good one, but too much of the time the story degrades down to a chase movie where the Wolverine is trying to transport Patrick Stewart, who reprises his role as the leader of the X-men Professor Charles Xavier and the young 10-year-old girl Wolverine named Laura to some place in North Dakota known as Eden. The ratings for this movie on IMDB (8.8) and Rotten Tomatoes (94%) are extremely high, but for me given the movie did not surprise me that much and the story was pretty average my rating for this film would be more in the low 7 range.

See this movie if you are a big fan of the Marvel Comics X-Men stories or are a big fan of Wolverine, but if you are not, you should not expect to see anything more than a pretty average film.

Overall, given the good points in this movie and the acting, I do recommend Logan.

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