Past Movie Review: Twister

I remember the movie Twister that I saw when it first was released in May 1996 as one of the few movies that I saw twice within 2 weeks, mainly because the special effects were so spectacular. When I first saw this movie I could not believe that in the year 1996 we had the computer technology to create scenes of huge tornadoes destroying buildings and lifting cars and huge trucks up in the air. All of the budget for this movie went to the computer special effects as there was not much of a screenplay or really a story for this film, other than storm chasers trying to catch a tornado being formed so they could drop a device called “Dorothy” that could record the internal structure of a tornado. Many of the lines in this movie between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt were extremely corny as they were either arguing or chasing the storms. “We Got Cows”, “We Got Sisters”, just to name two. The story and the bad dialogue didn’t matter for this movie because the entire purpose was the incredible special effects that lead toward the amazing climax that involved a Level 5 Tornado. Of course, many of the scenes, especially at the end were ridiculous and nobody would survive, but any kind of common sense or logic didn’t matter for this kind of a movie.

Tragically a few days ago we lost one of the stars of this movie Bill Paxton, during a heart surgery and he as only 61. Paxon had a very good run as a movie star and I am sure he would agree that the best movie of his career was Apollo 13 that came out in 1995. The academy award winning actor Phillip Seymore Hoffman also had a small part in this movie and he passed away of a drug overdose in February 2014. These two actors had many more great films in their future and they both left us far too soon.

If you have still not seen the movie Twister its a must see for some of the best special effects ever made.

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