Movie Review: 12 Strong

One day a famous PHD in Economics will write a book that attempts to count the amount of money and lives the 19 men who created the world changing disaster of 911 has cost the world. The number of lives is in the millions, and the amount of money is in the 10’s of trillions. These 19 terrorists on that day, also gave this country the longest war in its entire history, Afghanistan. Nobody who ever lived through 9.11.2001 will ever forget that day; and 911 is where the the movie “12 Strong” begins.

What is good about this movie is to record an important moment in US History that marked the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. Anyone who sees this movie will learn something they didn’t know about the first 12 men to risked their lives and ventured into the middle of Afghanistan to locate Taliban fighters so US bombers could destroy them. Even more amazing about their incredibly riskly and unlikely mission is that they used horses to fight a great deal of their battle where they were greatly outnumbered. The only thing about this movie that I didn’t like was that it was slow in too many places, a bit too long and in terms of a war movie, there was really nothing new here. This film stars Chris Hemsworth and Micheal Shannon, who seems to be in many movies lately.

This movie should be seen by anyone who is interested in getting a history lesson about something that happened right after 911. For me, I give it a mild recommendation.

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