Movie Reviews: The 15:17 To Paris

After seeing the pretty bad movie, “The 15:17 To Paris” , you just had to wonder what the hell Clint Eastwood was thinking when he bought the rights to this story. The entire problem with this film is so obvious. There is not nearly enough story to tell. The Terrorist incident on a train on August 21, 2015 in Paris took about 5 minutes from beginning to completion and because of this, Eastwood and the screenwriter had to fill in about 98% of the story with the childhood of the 3 men who were heroes on the train and towards the end, this even included what seemed like home movies about their trip to Europe.

The other bad decision here is casting the actual 3 men who prevented the terrorist attack as the actual actors in the movie. The difference between watching and actor and a person who has never acted at times can be barely noticed but the 2% you do notice over a 2 hour movie really comes through in a big way.

The ratings for this movie on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are 5.4 and 20% respectively and these numbers are well deserved. Without a doubt this is the worst movie that Clint Eastwood has ever directed and in hindsight because the story was so short, this film never should have been made. Instead, Eastwood should have shot a documentary about this story, which would have been a far better idea.

This is one movie about Terrorism that should be missed.

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