Movie Review: Equalizer 2

Most of us like movies like the Equalizer and the sequel “Equalizer 2” because we want real life to work out like the way fictional life plays out in movies like this one. The hero evens the score and makes sure that the lowlife, the murderers and kidnappers pay a price for who they are and what they do to good people. We like to see this because justice like this is more than often, not the way real life plays out. Far too often the lowlife and the criminals in the world escape retribution and do not pay a commensurate price for what they do to other people. Movies are an escape from reality but for two hours I thought Equalizer 2 was a well done escape into a world where the good guy makes the criminals pay dearly for what they have done.

The acting of Danzel Washington in this movie was outstanding and he is outstanding in everything that he does. I thought this movie was on a par with the original that was released in 2014 – and I was very surprised with the anemic score of only 51% on Rotten Tomatoes – I give this film a solid 80%. Some of the action scenes are rather far-fetched with the incredible speed that Washington’s character dispatches so many bad guys and at time the story was rather slow and predicatable, but overall I give Equalizer 2 a very solid positive recommendation.

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