Movie Review: Unfriended: Dark Web

The new movie “Unfriended: Dark Web” seems to be another part of a new trend in the movie industry – Social Media Horror Movie. I have seen another movie like this as well, where the entire film takes place online, within Facebook, Google Email, Skype and other social media sites. The concept with this movie is that there are criminals selling and buying snuff videos were people are being murdered and a group of friends in their mid-20’s somehow, through a laptop that was bought on Craigslist – get into a great deal of trouble.

Despite the fact that all the acting in this movie is 100% online and we only see the actors faces – I thought the acting was quite good, and the story while very convoluted and in some areas completely implausible was well written. The entire cast is composed of newcomers, all of whom hope that they have a career in Hollywood and we all have to start somewhere.

Overall, I give Unfriended, the Dark Web a marginal recommendation.

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