Movie Review: Operation Finale

The new World War 2 movie “Operation Finale” is about the capture in 1960 of the architect of the “Final Solution” Adolf Eichmann during Germany’s dominance in Europe. Memories of the worst time in human history come back to all of us when we see movies like this one and for all of us the atrocities of the years 1939-1945 where 6 million Jews and 4 million other innocent civilians were exterminated, are beyond all comprehension. Its still hard to believe that the years 1939-1945 are less than 80 years ago rather than something that happened in ancient times 2000-5000 years ago. Adolf Eichmann was one of the few leaders of the 3rd Reich to escape prosecution to South America and this story is mostly about the intricate complexities of his capture in Argentina and flight back to Israel where he could stand trial for his crimes.

The problem with this film is the middle part where the group that was assigned to capture him were delayed with many problems and had to wait around in Argentina for many days for their opportunity to leave. This part of the movie dragged on way too long and involved conversations with Eichmann who did admit who he was, feeding him and even a scene where he had to go to the bathroom. All of this was not necessary and should have been mostly eliminated from this movie. This part seemed to be the part of the screenplay where they had to add filler to make the movie last 2 hours. The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this movie are a low 62% for the reasons I stated above. I thought the acting was good, mainly from the only named actor in this film, Ben Kingsley who played Eichmann.

I give a marginal recommendation to Operation Finale mainly because its about the history of the worst time in world history during World War 2.

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