Movie Review: Searching

The new movie “Searching” is another recent example of a film that is shot entirely with social media within a computer operating system. This seems to be a new film making idea that may have legs and one reason for this has to be a greatly reduced budget.

The story of this film is a timeline of about 17 years as a husband and wife have their first child and some tragic circumstances follow that include the possible kidnapping of the couple’s teenage daughter. I found this movie most impressive while watching the investigation by the father on his and his daughter’s computer as he desperately tries to find his daughter’s whereabouts using websites that include Facebook, Facetime, Google Search, and many other social media methods. I for one did not know that you can perform a Google Search using just an image as this method was used towards the end of the film. The twists and turns as this story develops are very well done and while the ending – that some might think was a little over the top, for me worked extremely well and made sense considering the story up to that point.

Searching stars John Cho and Debra Messing as the police officer who is called in to help finding Cho’s missing daughter. I thought the acting was very well done and the story extremely well told throughout. It all holds your attention and it all makes logical sense – an ingredient lacking in so many movies I have seen recently.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this movie are a very high 91% and I mostly agree with this rating.

I highly recommend Searching.

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