Movie Review: The Wife

The new movie “The Wife” stars Glenn Close, Christian Slater and Jonathan Pryce and its about the sacrifice that some people think they have to make to maintain and save a marriage. The problem is that sometimes when you sacrifice everything for someone else you can lose yourself – along the way. The big revelation of this story about a Nobel Prize winning author Joe Castleman, played by Jonathan Pryce I saw coming early in this story and for me this story was more about a lack of integrity than it was about the sacrifice one person can make for another for love or marriage.

The acting throughout this movie was outstanding, especially with Glenn Close who might receive and Oscar nomination for her performance as the wife of the famous author who sacrifices everything for her marriage. One bad thing about this movie was the constant smoking by too many characters for reasons that probably include funding from some Tobacco company. This is a very unfortunate problem with too many movies today and one day hopefully smoking will be banned from all movies.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this movie is a very high 85% and I agree with this review.

I highly recommend The Wife.

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