Movie Review: A Simple Favor

It has been said that screenwriting is the most difficult of all art forms. The reason is that there are so many moving parts to any screenplay and they all have to interact with each other and be understandable and make sense and conclude in a satisfying way. This is why most screenplays require so many re-writes. The new movie “A Simple Favor” attempts a very challenging and complex story with many movie parts. The story works mostly, but there were several holes in the logic that involved many different movie parts that made this film very far from perfect, but OK enough to recommend. There is one caveat that involves the constant showing of a painting this movie that I thought was in very bad taste – most especially they showed this painting way too many times. The good news is that at least there was no smoking.

This movie stars two well known actors, Blake Lively with Anna Kendrick getting by far the most screen time. Both are very good in their roles but this movie is not up to Oscar level caliber.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are a solid 82% and I agree with this rating. I do recommend A Simple Favor.

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