Movie Review: Fahrenheit 11/9

Whether you like Micheal Moore or hate him because he is so extremely liberal, there is no denying the greatness of the documentaries he produces or his incredible energy, passion and anger when it comes to seeking out horrendous injustice and with his research and hard work. Moore tries to do something about the worst problems this country faces because he cares so much about this country and hard working people. The title of this new film is similar to Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 documentary, this time with the 119, meaning 11/9/2016 when Trump was officially elected.

The truth about his new movie, “Fahrenheit 11/9” is that its about far more than just the insanity of the 2016 election. Moore covers many other subjects in this movie and the number one criminal injustice he shows are the sick and callous actions of the Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder, who according to Moore, unnecessarily re-routed the water sources to the city of Flint entirely for his own financial greed. Then even after the water was found to be contaminated, Snyder continued to poison the citizens of Flint for a long period of time. The water contamination stopped only when the bad water was proven to be responsible for damaging automobile parts in a GM plant, one of Snyder’s main contributors. Since the water contamination in Flint, tens of thousands of children will forever have lead poisoning and many people have died from legionaries disease and other health problems that are caused by lead in their blood. This one part of Moore’s documentary is worthy of a major new film all on its own and is even more shocking and infuriating than the movie “Erin Brockovich”, that was released in 2000. While watching the Flint water contamination story, one can only wonder why Rick Snyder is not in prison for life right now along with all the criminals responsible for this criminal outrage.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is shocking with some of its revelations right from the start when it suggests that Donald Trump’s entire reason for wanting to be president was born from his jealousy of singer Gwen Stefani, when she was paid more on the TV show “The Voice” than Trump was being paid for “The Apprentice” – almost impossible to believe if this insanity is true. Moore also compares Trump being elected to what happened in Nazi Germany and Hitler, that many less angry people might consider a little over the top.

I was also amazed at how many political experts in this country – practically ALL of them, thought that there was no way Trump would ever win the 2016 election, many of them even laughing at the idea that Trump could ever win in 2016. From the beginning most people thought Trump was running to be President only for publicity and never really wanted to be President.

Moore also covers the Parkland, Florida shooting and showed many of his meetings with the students who after this horrible shooting in February 2018 – just had enough of this sick insanity of school shootings going on for decades and started a new movement including the marches on Washington in March 2018.

Moore’s movie is not all negative as he covers the emergence of new young politicians who actually are trying to do good things and effect lasting change in this country and many of them are winning elections. It was encouraging to see that there is still hope in this country and so many people, along with Moore, care greatly about the future of this country. Moore spares no one in this film and even has some negative segments about Hilary Clinton and surprisingly Barack Obama, who Moore has called a great President.

I thought Fahrenheit 11/9 is one of Michael Moore’s best movies, along with “Sicko” – a must see movie about the disastrous state of medical insurance in this country. Ironically this new film goes back to Flint Michigan frequently, the site of Moore’s first movie “Roger and Me”, released in 1989. I highly recommend Fahrenheit 119 as one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

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