Movie Review: Venom

The new movie “Venom” follows the same Hollywood paradigm for Marvel action movies. “We don’t need a story or a script because we have a built in Marvel audience. All we need is special effects and explosions and people will come.” Unfortunately, this idea works as Venom, which is a pretty bad movie is making very good box office, but for those of us who are looking for a quality screenplay or some kind of a story, this film is a nightmare to sit through.

I was most surprised to see Michelle Williams in this movie because her entire career has been all about quality over money, but perhaps she was angry over being paid so little in last years re-shoot of “All the Money in the World”, and decided that it was her time to get a big payday. The star of the movie Tom Hardy looks like he is drunk or in some kind of a coma during this entire 2 hours and at times he is hard to understand because he mumbles many of his lines.

This movie should be avoided, even for die hard Marvel comic fans. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are a very low 30% – my rating is around 15%. Unfortunately there will be more bad movies like this in our future that forego a script, story and quality in favor of special effects.