Movie Review: Hunter Killer

Whenever I see a war movie that involves naval soldiers inside of a submarine I wonder why anyone who is in the Navy would ever volunteer for submarine duty. A submarine is far the most dangerous place to be during a war. If there is any damage to the submarine the likelihood is that you will drown, any explosion and the odds are you will never be found at the bottom of the ocean. The living quarters as are shown in the new movie “Hunter Killer” are extremely claustrophobic especially considering the number of men that can live on a submarine for a long period of time.

As far as the movie Hunter Killer starring Gerard Butler, I thought it was well made and well acted but the story is way over the top and because of that reason, not believable. I wondered while watching this film about how many different ideas and script re-writes went into this Russian vs United States story about espionage, kidnapping that involves a coup. I was surprised to see Gary Oldman, in this movie in a small role considering he just won the best actor Oscar.

I thought the ending was satisfying despite the insane story but because of the story I only give Hunter Killer a marginal recommendation.