Movie Review: Nobody’s Fool

The actress Tiffany Haddish is probably as in demand and in more movies than any actress who has become suddenly famous in many years. She seems to be in just about every movie and every talk show and because of this she is risking overexposure – the kiss of death for anyone in fickle show business. Haddish’s road to fame and fortune could not have come harder and unlikely as she frequently talks about her time being homeless, even mentioning living in her car – a small GEO Metro, which was a cheap car popular in the 90’s. While plugging “Nobody’s Fool”, another Tyler Perry movie on talk shows, Haddish has also brought up the fact that Tyler Perry was also homeless and also lived in a Geo Metro. Tyler Perry’s turnaround story is one of the greatest rags to riches show business stories of all time. Perry should do a movie about his life coming from despair and homelessness to being the owner of a movie studio in Atlanta and being worth about 600 million dollars.

A documentary or movie about Perry’s life would have been a far better project than Nobody’s Fool because like many of Tyler Perry’s movies, they seem to be mass produced with no original idea. This movie has an plot-line that involves the TV show Catfish and attempts a twist at the end that mostly does not work and does not make much sense. The screenplay of this movie seems like it was on a shelf for a while and the idea came to use Tiffany Haddish and some of her off the cuff mostly raunchy humor to save this story and for the most part, this does not work.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this movie is a very low 21% with IMDB a low 4.6 – which is very low for IMDB ratings. This movie could have been fixed by relying more on screenplay re-writes and a better story rather than thinking that Tiffany Haddish could just save the entire movie because of her raunchy on the fly humor. For these reasons, I do not recommend Nobody’s Fool.

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