Movie Review: Instant Family

The best thing about the new movie “Instant Family” is that it is based on a true story. If this story were not true, it would not be believable enough and lack of believe-ability for this story would result in a lesser movie. A couple in their 40’s who collaborate to flip houses, decide that their lives are not fulfilling enough and after being inspired to adopt a foster child, wind up adopting 3 children, who were abandoned by their mother because of her drug addiction.

The instinct for any couple like this would be to want to save these 3 kids who have had a very difficult time surviving and being shipped around to different foster homes. What makes this movie good is that it shows the reality of taking on the huge responsibility of living with 3 emotionally damaged children. The couple, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne volunteer to become foster parents for these 3 children, so that eventually they would be able to adopt them. This is not always easy considering the court systems in this country and the possibility of their mother wanting them back after she leaves prison and rehab. This very well written story points out the harsh realities of foster care and how dire the lives of so many children who have no family, and no real future because of parents who either abandoned them or died. There are so many children that need homes but not nearly enough parents to adopt them, but the huge responsibilities and cost of taking on foster children are overwhelming.

The cast of this film includes Tig Notaro, Octavia Spencer and the excellent stand-up comedian Iliza Shlesinger in what is her first movie role, playing a woman who wants to adopt a football player. This is a reference to the very good movie “The Blind Side” that was released in 2009 starring Sandra Bullock. This sub-story is played for laughs during the entire movie and for the most part works very well. The acting in this film is also very good, as is the message and the attempts at humor. The highlight of this movie is actress Isabela Moner who has both looks and acting ability that should give her a very long career in Hollywood. This movie has also reviewed very well receiving a very solid 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and I both agree with this rating and recommend this very solid family film.

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