Movie Review: The Favourite

There are a number of things that did not make sense with the new movie “The Favourite”. The first is, why are two Academy Award Winning actresses, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz in this horrendous mess? How could they have read this bad script and still taken this movie? Why is Rotten Tomatoes giving this bad movie, with no real story a 94% rating? This movie takes place in the 1800’s in France during the war with England, so it is known as a period piece, but who cares?

I have always wondered why the French use to wear those huge wigs during that time – never realizing how ridiculous they look; to say nothing of how hot it must have been to wear so much fake hair. Towards the end of this movie, there is an overweight naked French man with a long haired fake wig who is pelted with oranges and he suddenly appears in this strange scene with no buildup or explanation. He just suddenly appears out of nowhere, covering his privates with this hand, and people are throwing oranges at him. Why? This was never explained but how can you explain something this idiotic and random anyway? Its something they did in the 1800’s in France or a candid camera film editing stunt?

This is one of the few movies I can remember where I walked out before the end because I could not stand to waste the full 2 hours. This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a while and it should be missed. Do not be fooled by the critics, because they are wrong. Run from this embarrassing waste of 2 hours.