Movie Review: Second Act

The problem with the new movie “Second Act” starring Jennifer Lopez as Maya who an unmarried woman is the entire premise. A high school dropout wants to go up in the world and tries to get past the barriers of previous work experience and a college education by posting on Facebook with lies about her past jobs and even her degree from Wharton School of Business. Then, the audience is expected to believe that a huge cosmetics company that hires Maya is not going to check and recheck and verify every single thing that Maya has on her resume and posted on Facebook.

There is one scene where a relative intercepts a call from the company when they try to call Wharton – that is absolutely ridiculous and could never happen. The twist in the middle of this pretty bad movie is also very far fetched and for the most part does not work. Just about all of Jennifer Lopez movies all seem the same, so I suspect that the script for this movie was laying around somewhere and someone said – “Lets use Lopez for this one.” I also thought that one scene where a number of flying pigeons were killed when the flew into a truck was in extremely bad taste.

Unfortunately nobody read this script enough to know that the entire story is pretty bad. There is some chemistry between Lopez and her real life best friend Leah Remini, but other than that, the entire concept of this screenplay is so bad that its hard to believe and anyone decided it was good enough to green-light.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are a low 42% and I would give this at most a 30% – and recommend that this movie is skipped.