Movie Review: Holmes and Watson

When I saw the extremely low 8% review ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and 3.4 on IMDB for “Holmes and Watson” I made the mistake of thinking that because Will Ferrell was in this movie that it could not be that bad. Unfortunately, this movie is that bad and one of the worst comedy movies I have ever seen.

In the over 43 years since Saturday Night Live premiered on NBC in 1975 most will argue that Will Ferrell was one of the best cast members to ever appear on that show. Unfortunately, being a great performer and very funny on a ensemble show like Saturday Night Live does not mean this will result in funny movies in your acting future. Other than the two Anchorman movies, the first one being the best one of the two, Will Ferrell has made very few funny movies in this career.

Ferrell is one of the very few comedy actors in history who can made an audience laugh just with his eyes or a sudden change of a facial expression alone, the other actor being the late John Candy. Where are the comedy screenwriters who can write something great for Ferrell? It has happened once before with Anchorman, why cant this happen again? If I were Will Ferrell I would hold off on ever making another bad comedy movie again, because too many of movies like Holmes and Watson and his career in movies could be over.

Like all bad comedy movies I have seen over the years, and there have been many, nobody laughed at any point in this film. I was looking at my watch, counting the minutes until it was all over. Why a script like this was made into a movie – is anyone’s guess, but perhaps a favor was involved or some kind of a barter or payoff.

This movie teams Ferrell up again with the actor John C. Reilly, the last movie they made was Stepbrothers in 2008. Reilly and Ferrell do have some chemistry, but that was not nearly enough to save this very bad film.

In this case, the critics are right, Holmes and Watson should be missed by all.

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