Movie Review: Everybody Knows

The movie “Everybody Knows” stars husband and wife Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem in a story about Kidnapping that I thought was very well done. This is a foreign language movie with subtitles to alert those who do not like to read subtitles in any movie. Of all the Kidnapping movies I have seen the one that always comes to mind is “Ransom” that was released in 1996, starring Mel Gibson and Gary Sinise. Ransom, directed by Ron Howard, was a very good movie because it showed the extremely powerful emotions the parents of a kidnapped child have to endure when a tragedy like this happens to their child. This movie is a close second to Ransom as far as these powerful emotions, mainly because of the strong acting of Penélope Cruz who was the mother of a teenage girl who was abducted in a Spanish village and then held for a long period of time for ransom. Any situation that involves Kidnapping and ransom puts the subject of money in perspective. How much would any parent give to get their child back? Does money have any real meaning compared to the life of your child?

The Rotten Tomatoes for Everybody Knows are a solid 74% and I would give this movie an 80% rating. I give a strong recommendation to Everybody Knows.