Movie Review: Avengers Endgame

As with all Superhero films, the viewer has to suspend all sense of common sense, logic and laws of physics to fully appreciate the story. If you start to question how ridiculous some of the science involved is, including time travel, you will not appreciate the most important parts; which are the amazing special effects and a screenplay that was very well written.

“Avengers Endgame” is over 3 hours long and to keep an audience’s attention for that long, required a story that that was very well constructed and a screenplay that was written by two screenwriters. Despite the convoluted logic of this story, that concludes last years installment, “Avengers Infinity War”, and 6 infinity stones that caused the debacle of the last movie plus time travel to undo that disaster, the story was engrossing throughout. The main villain Thanos played by Josh Brolin is arguably one of the most dominant villain’s in movie history, as he easily defeats all of the Marvel super hero’s in every fight he has in this film. The newest Marvel Super hero, Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson has an early appearance at the start of this movie, then goes away until almost the very end. I thought this was probably a logistics issue to get her into this movie despite her commitments to “Captain Marvel” that was filmed after this one. However Larson’s erratic appearances in this film did not make much sense within this story.

The marketing of this film was extremely well done and is one of the main reasons why this movie will be the top grossing film of all time, perhaps even topping 1 billion dollars world wide this weekend. It has been said that this is the very last Avengers movie, and considering this amount of money, I find that hard to believe. We all know that the individual Avengers characters, including Captain Marvel and especially Black Panther will be releasing several new movies in the future, but perhaps there will never be a Marvel character collaboration in one movie ever again. Towards the end of this film there is a scene where every single Marvel character makes an appearance and I will not give away the reason for huge assemblage of cast members. Some of the biggest Marvel fans might not like some of the events that happen in this story, I for one did not like some of the decisions that were made about the future of some Marvel characters.

Despite the very long 3 hours, “Avengers Endgame” receives my highest recommendation and has well earned its 96% consensus on Rotten Tomatoes.

Movie Review: High Life

For the hundreds of people who years ago signed up for a trip to Mars, where they will never return to Earth, “High Life” is the recruiting film for all of you. After seeing this depressing, bleak, nightmare of a film that shows that any group of people in space for a long period of time will never survive without going insane, anyone would change their mind about wanting to go to Mars, or anywhere else in space. Something like this might sound exciting and scientific at first, but 2 years after making a decision this stupid and reality will set in big time.

While sitting through this horrific two hours of tedious depression, I wondered why two bankable actors at the level of Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche would ever take on this movie after reading a script that is all over the place with backwards story telling and very limited dialogue.

Within the first 10 minutes of this mess, everybody already knows that space travel for many years would be a nightmare for anyone, due to the tedium, boredom and lack of contact with any level of a normal environment. Given that obvious fact, why drag on the story for two hours?

The premise here is that the entire crew are prisoners who committed violent crimes and some of them were on death row. This part makes some sense because showing where they are living and dying on this run down spaceship would be a just punishment for a capital crime.

I found this movie very long, depressing and boring and I cannot believe it was even made in the first place. This is one art house type movie that is all just that bad.

Movie Review: Breakthrough

The new movie “Breakthrough” is one of those films that would never have a chance to be a good idea for a movie, unless it really happened. The story of a young 14 year old boy who fell through the ice near St. Louis Missouri in 2015 with his 2 friends and then survived after being dead for 45 minutes is nothing short of a miracle. This miracle is the reason this movie was made, with very religious undertones that in recent years appear in about 2 movies; all released around this time of year. As this type of religious movie goes, this was was one of the better I have seen since this new trend has started.

Breakthrough stars Chrissy Metz as Joyce Smith, the adopted mother of the boy who almost died. Metz has had a remarkable career resurgence in the last few years when she was hired for one of the starring roles in “This is Us”, arguably the best drama on television. Josh Lucas stars as the boy’s father and given Metz very obese status, the casting of Lucas did not seem to make much sense. Topher Grace plays the pastor of the local church and the conflicts between him and Joyce Smith were very well acted.

Most surprising was the fact that basketball player, Stephen Curry produced this movie, following Lebron James into movies and television production. I give a solid recommendation to Breakthrough for its acting and positive message.