Movie Review: After

The Rotten Tomatoes review of the new movie “After” is only 13%. The critics are 100% dead wrong, completely missing the point of this film.

This story of After is about young love found in college and the screenwriter did an outstanding job of showing both the ecstasy and unbearable pain that can happen when you find love. The main character in this movie Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford, who has a face so extraordinarily beautiful it would be tragic for her to do anything except for appearing in movies. Her presence in this film makes the pain during the emotional roller coaster of this story even more difficult to experience than it would be with any other young actress. The roller coaster includes the full gamut of emotions of jealousy, anger, avoidance, fear, love, hate and even friends who try and sabotage the relationship. Much of this was very difficult to watch.

The young man in this story Hardin Scott, is played very well by newcomer Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Actress Selma Blair plays Tessa’s mother and it was impressive to see her in a movie despite her recent MS diagnosis. Jennifer Beals also has a small part in this movie as Hardin’s mother along with actor Peter Gallagher as his father.

It has been rare when I have seen movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes that are this far off, but critics will be critics and they are very often, very wrong. I give a strong recommendation to After and I believe this will be the break through role for Josephine Langford, who should definitely have a very long career as a movie actress.