Movie Review: Pet Sematary

The new movie “Pet Sematary” is a remake of the 1989 version and once again one of those “why was this average movie remade” mysteries? I thought this new version was very predictably disturbing and what I found annoying is, there were too many scenes where the characters would never do what they do in the story. This is about a family, where the father is a doctor and the family moves into a rundown barn-like house. Why would any doctor move into a dump like the one in this movie? In the road outside the house, there are huge tractor trailers that speed by. Any normal parents would never buy that house or at the very least, surround the house with a huge fence to protect their two children and pets. Once again, screenwriting is such a difficult art form because not only does the story have to be good, but it also has to make sense and people have to act logically or at least have half a brain.

The book “Pet Sematary” was written by the prolific author Steven King, and he wrote this book many years ago to be a scary story about the un-dead, but unfortunately this movie is much more disgusting and disturbing than scary and for that reason, I cannot recommend it.

This film stars Jason Clarke as the father, and John Lithgow as the neighbor and I was surprised to see Lithgow in this below average horror movie. Pet Sematary should be skipped by all in favor of seeing any other horror movie.