Movie Review: Bad Boys for Life

“Bad Boys for Life” is another movie franchise that was suggested many times during this film, has reached its end. Considering that this is the end of a major movie franchise that started in 1995 and 2003 with the sequel, it had to be important for everybody involved to come up with a great script before making the third movie. I thought the story was not great, only above average. I was expecting much more humor, especially considering the comedic skills of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, although the action was on a par with the previous two Bad Boys movies. The remaining cast includes only Vanessa Hudgens as the only other named actor and she seemed miscast in this role as a member of a special task force.

What surprised me the most about this movie was that this sequel will not be the last one. At the end of this film, there is a meeting with Will Smith’s character and another character in prison, suggesting that there will definitely be another movie. On, there is now a “Bad Boys 4” movie in pre-production with no set released date.

I mostly agree with the 78% ratings for this film and although I was hoping for something stronger, I do recommend it.

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