Commentaries: Recent bad Movies

Due to the recent very poorly reviewed films, “Cats” and “Doolittle”, I have decided to not review either of these movies. Instead I will include some of the recent comments from several online publications. The movie Cats was so bad, when it was released a month ago, that changes were made and new copies to sent to theaters. This has never happened before, in the entire history of the film industry.

Robert Downey Jr. went on every talk show and even hosted Ellen to promote Dolittle. Never a good sign for any movie. It is always hard to believe that a huge budget, in this case 175 million for Dolittle, can be spent to create a movie so bad. The original release date for this movie was spring 2019, but it was so bad that numerous script rewrites were necessary to try and fix this film.


It’s just baffling and yet it must be seen… It’s bad, but you’ve got to experience it. – Christy Lemire

Mostly, “Cats” is a confusing litter box of intentions, from its crushed-velour aesthetic to its strip-bar sensuality to its musical cluelessness. – John Anderson

“This disastrous attempt to bring Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical to the screen shouldn’t happen to a dog.” – Peter Travers

Oh God, my eyes – Ty Burr

The worst thing to happen to Cats since Dogs – Edward Douglass


If the muddled plot and aethetic chaos of Dolittle leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, seek the antidote – an episode of Planet Earth. – Laura Zarum

Dolittle is a not a film. Dolittle is a crime scene in need of forensic analysis. Something happened here. Something terrible. Something inexplicable. – Scott Tobias

It’s impossible to believe that Dolittle can be enjoyed by anyone whose age is measured by double rather than single digits. – Matt Brunson

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