Movie Review: A Fall from Grace

The new Tyler Perry Netflix movie, “A Fall from Grace” tries very hard to not only be different, but to also provide the most unexpected ending ever produced in any film. Unfortunately the price for creating a story so different that shocks the audience, the ending is one of the most absurd and insulting that I have ever seen in all my years of as an avid movie goer. A great example of an unexpected and shocking ending to a movie is “The Sixth Sense” that was released in 1999. There was nothing far fetched or ridiculous about the ending of the Sixth Sense. As a viewer, you never felt cheated or insulted by this conclusion, because in the end, the story fit together perfectly and ultimately it all made sense.

There is no way to give more detail about the ending of this ridiculous movie, that was both written and directed by Tyler Perry, without giving away too much information. In short, this film has to be seen to be believed. A Fall from Grace was shot in 5 days and I wonder how long it took Perry to write this script. It is always a great ambition to be different, and cover new ground with any new production – but when this insults the intelligence of the audience, enough said.

I agree with the very low 36% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for this film and recommend it only for those who are curious to see how insane the ending is.

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