Movie Review: Like a Boss

How a movie as bad as”Like a Boss” gets made in Hollywood can only be explained by collaborative favors and named actors more interested in staying active and “current” in their profession. There is no way that Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek or Rose Byrne could have read the script for this movie, and then all agreed to make it, because it was funny or had any level of quality.

There is a scene where Haddish’s character eats hot peppers, and then drinks goats milk, only to spit it up all over one of her friends. This was not funny. Haddish also dangles off of a banner, many stories high inside the atrium of a building and almost falls to her death. This was also not funny. This entire story is about two very close friends, played by Byrne and Haddish who are tricked by a very rich owner of a makeup company into selling away their failing company that is 500 thousand dollars in debt. There was nothing funny or even remotely entertaining about this part of the story. The only good thing about this entire movie is that it was a relatively short 83 minutes, sparing the audience another 40 minutes of this horrendous waste of time.

There are actors in the movie business who refuse to ever act in any low quality project, realizing that quality is always more important than money. The majority of other actors have to constantly make movies, either because they are not financially independent enough to turn down the bad roles or are afraid that if they wait for something good or great, it may never happen. If they wait too long, they are afraid that producers will forget about them, so they agree to act in whatever is thrown their way, regardless of how bad it is.

One has to admire Tiffany Haddish because of the long and incredibly hard road she lived through to get where she is now. Her hard life trek included being homeless and even living in a very small GEO Metro car for a long period of time. However at some point, making too many bad movies might completely ruin her career in the movie business, even before it really begins. Haddish is a good comedic actress, but she has yet to make a comedy movie that is worthy of her talents.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Like a Boss are an accurate 20% and I agree with this rating and do not recommend this film.

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