Movie Review: The Gentlemen

As with Guy Richie movies I have seen in the past, the story of “The Gentlemen” is told using a jumbled flashback way that always includes summation scenes at the end that try to explain what happened previously. I personally find movies that try and tell stories using methods like this very annoying. Its one thing to be different good, and another thing to be different bad. If a story cannot be told in a uniform, understandable and mostly sequential way, then there is not a story to tell in the first place. The only production I find worse than a Guy Richie movie is a Micheal Bay movie, especially if it is a Transformer film.

The only memorable thing about this bad movie is within the disgusting dialogue that included the constant and abusive use of the “C” word. What was the point of using a word like this so often, given that there was so much to dislike with the story.

The Rotten Tomatoes average review of 72% is way off and my rating is a very low 30%. This one should be missed.

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