Movie Review: The Rhythm Section

The new movie “The Rhythm Section”, invokes many questions from any viewer. Is this movie some kind of a back ended attempt to remake the Bridge Fonda film, “Point of No Return”, from 1993 – which is a much better movie? Did any of the 3 well known actors who agreed to appear in this movie, Blake Lively, Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown also read the script? Why would anyone decide to name this convoluted and pretty bad story, The Rhythm Section? This title makes even less sense than the decision to make this movie in the first place.

The Logline for this story is, a young woman loses her entire family in plane crash, then finds out through an self employed journalist that there was a bomb planted on their plane by a terrorist.  Unfortunately the disjointed story that follows jumps from this down and out woman, who is working as a hooker to running into this journalist, to suddenly – without any explanation, being trained by some secret agent, played by Jude Law.

This entire story was very poorly told, and not only does not make much sense, but was boring in way too many places.  I was surprised to see the great actor Sterling K. Brown from “This Is Us” in this bad movie because this makes about 4 films in a row where he has tried to parlay his television success into film. At this rate, after making four bad movies in a row, he should probably just stay an outstanding television actor.

I agree with the very low ratings of 33% for The Rhythm Section that amounts to another very good example of “January Junk”.  This movie should be skipped.

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