Movie Review: The Lovebirds

Ever since the release of one of the best comedies in the last decade, 2017’s “The Big Sick”, actor Kumail Nanjiani has been in demand in several movies in the last few years. The problem with hitting it so big with The Big Sick, is that it is going to be close to impossible to surpass or even equal the quality of this film – which is a true story about Kumail and his wife Emily and her almost dying of a rare disease.

The new movie “The Lovebirds” was supposed to be released in theaters prior to the Pandemic, but instead it has been released on Netflix, that one day may be the place we all see movies in the new world that will be unveiled after this horrendous Corona-virus finally goes away.

The Lovebirds is a farce that starts out with a young couple Jibran and Leilani, who are having nothing but problems and arguments in their relationship, until they run into a crooked cop and witness his murder of a man on a bike. What follows is a disjointed story that even involves a sex club of masked people that reminded me of “Eyes Wide Shut” – another strange movie from 1997, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

For the most part, the farcical story that follows does not work, despite the subtle and sarcastic humor that Kumail is becoming known for. Some of the jokes do work, but not enough of them to recommend this film as a solid comedy. I mostly agree with the low 66% critic and 53% audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes, and unfortunately I do not recommend this film.

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