Movie Review: Midnight Sky

The new George Clooney movie “Midnight Sky” is about a worst case scenario for the world in the year 2049 – due to Global warming. This entire story depicts a very depressing possible end to the world, within a mostly barren and cold story, with Clooney, playing scientist Augustine Lofthouse stuck in Antarctica and a group of Astronauts, including Sully Rembshire, played by Felicity Jones on their way back from one of Jupiter’s moons, in search for a new home for humanity.

The problem with this film is that it is surprisingly boring and too long, with no real or interesting story. In one part of this film, Clooney finds a 7 year old girl who was mistakenly left behind at a science laboratory and he decides they have to get to a better communication antenna and trek across the extreme cold of Antarctica. Nobody in their right mind would do this – most especially with a young 7 year old mute girl. The long and dangerous trek is another major flaw in this movie because it was way too long and way too boring.

I was surprised that someone with the clout the movie industry like Clooney would decide to make this movie, consider the weather hardships of filming in Iceland and the weak script. Considering the subject matter of Global Warming, there had to be a better script about this important problem facing humanity than this one.

On a positive note, I thought the special effects of space travel and a spacewalk with three Astronauts was well done, but unfortunately there is not enough good moments to recomend this movie.

I agree with the weak ratings on Rotten Tomatoes of 59% and rate this movie a pass.