On Demand Movie Review: Greenland

In 1998 a rare thing happened in the movie industry. Two major movies were released in the same year, about the exact same thing – “A huge asteroid is about to hit the earth, destroying all life on the planet”. Both movies involved very different resolutions to this E.L.E (Extinction Level Event). In the case of the movie “Armageddon”, astronauts would land on the asteroid and then drill, planting a bomb that would blow the rock into pieces. In the case of “Deep Impact” a huge spaceship would land on the asteroid and leave nuclear ordinance below the surface, hopefully blowing up the asteroid. Both of these solutions seemed extremely unlikely while watching both films 22 years ago – with the Michael Bay directed Armageddon, seeming more like a music video than a movie.

The new movie “Greenland” is the very first asteroid movie that takes a realistic look at the horrendous possible reality of an asteroid or in this case the remnants of a passing comet creating an E.L.E. that would end all life on planet Earth. All of the questions about such a terrifying possible event are answered, including, would governments around the world lie to their citizens about what really is about to happen? Who would be the people who are chosen to survive in caves that are built deep underground in countries that include Greenland? What would the panic, looting and anarchy be like as people would do almost anything to survive a fireball that would engulf the entire world? This movie, only available through On Demand due to the current Pandemic, stars Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin as the parents of a 10 year old Type-1 Diabetic child, after their lives are turned upside down when the news of minor rocks hitting the Earth become something much more.  The movie does an outstanding job of showing frantic desperation, extreme fear, violence, acceptance of mortality, and ultimately the end of the world. The perspective of this story is more in line with the real life of such a horrendous end of life possibility in that, there is likely nothing can be done with objects so large and fast moving. Ironically Covid-19 this year is so small and fast moving in transmission to so many millions of people around the world.  An asteroid or comet hitting planet Earth is far more deadly but also far less likely than any virus. Most of us thought a year ago that the possibility of a Pandemic like we have seen this year was probably as likely as an asteroid hitting the Earth. Daily routines and expectations of life have forever been altered by the horrible events of 2020.

The special effects for this film are outstanding throughout, as is the acting. I mostly agree with the 78% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, with my rating a slightly higher 85%. I highly recommend this movie.