Movie Review: Reminiscence

The new movie “Reminiscence”, starring Hugh Jackman is one of those rare bad movies that it is extremely hard to review, because it is so bad. I have often wondered, how many bad movies can a very famous actor can make before their career goes south? Without a doubt, this is the worst movie Hugh Jackman has ever made, so bad that its impossible to understand how he could have read the script and agreed to act in this film. I have always known that there are actor/studio contracts that are signed and favors that are agreed to in Hollywood. I have seen way too many movies like this one, where a named actor has made a movie that they should have known from the script, was too bad to make.

The plot is absurd, the story starting sometime in the future, with the city of Miami completely flooded because of Global Warming. In the future, there is a machine that can read peoples brain waves displaying their thoughts on a computer screen. This idea reminded me of the 1983 movie “Brainstorm”, the last movie for Natalie Wood. In that movie, they were able to record brain images for people at the moment they died, resulting in some memorable scenes and a pretty good film. In this movie, the main character Nick Bannister played by Jackman is trying to find out what has happened to his girlfriend Mae, played by Rebecca Ferguson, by using this brain wave machine. Actress Thandiwe Newton plays Emily, Nick’s friend who throughout this film, tries to talk him out of everything he is doing. Admittedly while watching this film on HBO Max, I fast-forwarded the movie too many times, at 15 second intervals, because this movie was so hard to sit through.

By the time you are 85% through this very bad movie, you are more interested in it ending, than ever caring enough to fully understand what is happening in this very poorly told story.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this film is an extremely low 37%, and I agree with this assessment, suggesting that this movie should just die in a DVD graveyard.

Movie Review: The Protege

Some movies seem like they are a jumbled version of so many other films, or scenes within similar movies that are just thrown together. The new movie “The Protege” is one of those films with a flimsy storyline tied together with action karate scenes and a pretty dumb ending all of which we have all seen many times before.

The Protege stars Maggie Q, one of the more well known female/movie karate experts. Many of her action scenes are very impressive but not nearly enough to save this mostly bad movie – about several hired killers that are all out for revenge. Michael Keaton also stars as one of the antagonists and once again Samuel L. Jackson is in this movie as the friend to Maggie Q’s character. My question as I sat through this excuse for violence and explosions is why any of these 3 actors read the script, and then agreed to make this film. Why was this bad screenplay even greenlighted in the first place?

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Protege are a low 62%, with my rating around 40% and a recommendation that this run of the mill action movie should be skipped.

Netflix Movie Review: Beckett

A car accident involving a young couple, Beckett played by John David Washington and April, played by Alicia Vikander leads to a complex kidnapping involving dirty cops that results in Beckett running for his life for the entire movie. This is the main problem with the new Neflix movie “Beckett” because watching someone run through the hills and forests of Greece can become very old, very quickly.

One of the most interesting things about this film is trying to figure out why Alicia Vikander agreed to take a part this small and insignificant given that she recently won an Academy Award. This film starts out well enough with the relationship between April and Beckett traveling together in Greece, but then it deteriorates into a mostly on foot series of chase scenes with a very injured Beckett running from one person trying to kill him after another. The fact that Beckett is so injured from the car accident and being shot multiple times makes just about all the action scenes in this movie incomprehensible. One of the last scenes involved Beckett jumping 4 stories of a parking garage on purpose to land on a car he was chasing after being severely injured by yet another gunshot. This was probably the stupidest scene in this pretty bad movie. After Becket landed on the car, still alive, was one of those times where you just had to wonder what the director was thinking.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings this time around of 51% are correct along with the very low 38% audience ratings. My rating is also about 50%, mainly because of the constant running scenes and the fact that no human body can be injured this badly and continue to function. I rate Beckett as a pass.