Movie Reviews: Cry Macho

At age 91, its impossible to believe that Clint Eastwood is still not only directing, but acting in movies. Considering his age, and the number of movies he can potentially still make, it is equally as hard to believe that he would choose a script as bad as “Cry Macho” to both direct and act in. What was he thinking with this waste of 2 hours?

This story is stunningly boring – mostly from the middle 85% where amazingly it seems like absolutely nothing is happening. This movie reminds me of the recent Liam Neeson movie “The Marksman”, where a man is on the run with a Mexican boy trying avoid a group of people out to kill them. Unfortunately most of this movie is about the boy and Eastwood’s character hanging around a farm, having dinner. As far as The Marksman it is an OK movie where Cry Macho is so boring that I almost left the theater several times.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Cry Macho are a very low 50% and my rating is in the 30% range ranking this film as a must miss. This film should be called Cry Boring.