Movie Review: No Time to Die

As “No Time to Die” is the last James Bond role for Daniel Craig, many will forever speculate about who is the best James Bond of all time. After 5 good or very good movies, I would say that Craig is the second best Bond, after the late Sean Connery. The late Roger Moore in my opinion is 3rd, mainly for adding the most humor to the series. Pierce Brosnan is tied with Moore for combining humor and good action scenes in his films.

The issues I had with No Time to Die, is that it is way too long 2 hours, 43 minutes and it is just a good James Bond movie, not a great one. For the last James Bond for Daniel Craig, I thought it was time to come up with a great James Bond film, and this one is not a great movie.

The villain in this story is played very well by recent Academy Award winner Rami Malek – but unfortunately, despite the very long running time of this film, he has far too little time on screen. I was very surprised at the lack of a very big opening in this movie, like has happened in just about all the previous films. Things do happen in the beginning but the opening is far more subdued and never spectacular like we are all used to.

Bond’s girlfriend is played by Léa Seydoux, who has appeared in other action/spy movies, the most notable being Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, that was released in early 2012. Her relationship with James Bond is erratic, and she is missing from the entire middle part of this story only to rejoin James at the end with a big surprise. Some critics are saying that Ana de Armas has stolen this movie with her small 15 minute role at the beginning of this film. However, there is no standard Bond Girl this time around, with de Armas playing a new MI-6 spy working with James Bond. Ralph Fiennes reprises he role as M, the head of MI-6, with a surprisingly small role.

This story leaves no doubt that this is the very last James Bond for Daniel Craig, and despite the money, the long hours, dangerous stunts takes a great deal out of any actor especially after five movies. Hopefully the next Bond will be a choice as good as Craig has been, but he is a very hard act to follow.

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