Movie Review: Halloween Kills

For the entire Halloween movie series spanning 12 movies starting in 1978, with one more “Halloween Ends” to be released in 2022 – we all expect a stupid movie, an idiotic plot with zero logic, including the fact that this mass murder who wears a mask just cannot be killed – no matter what. However, this new movie “Halloween Kills” breaks its own ongoing record of increasingly idiotic films and reaches new highs with this most recent very bad installment. For those expecting many scenes with Jamie Lee Curtis in this latest version, they will be very disappointed because she has a relatively small part. Its obvious that the producers decided to shoot these “last two” Halloween movies together so one could speculate that for next years Halloween Ends, Curtis will have a much bigger part.

I remember seeing “Halloween H2O” in 1998, and at the end of this bad film Jamie Lee Curtis decapitates Michael Meyers with an ax (see video) – and yet, somehow, this clear end to the series of films 23 years ago continued. How can that be? Did medical science advance to the point of sewing Meyer’s head back on? The point is, when the owner of this franchise decided to end a series of movies, that should be the end. The mass murderer is clearly and forever dead, there is no coming back from a decapitation. Or is there? Don’t cheat logic and the audience along the way, by dragging this movie franchise on forever, with one stupid movie after another for decades.

Will next years Halloween Ends be the end? Unfortunately that depends entirely on how much money it makes. If Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends make money, there will be yet another bad Halloween film in our future. If that is the case, maybe murderer Meyers has a twin or something? Or a new copy-cat murderer takes over for Meyers and then there can be 20 more years of bad “copy cat mask murder” movies.

Halloween Kills is in movie theaters and streaming on the new Peacock service. I opted for the Peacock service, saving some money for a movie that I knew in advance would be very bad. The reviews for this movie are correctly negative, as low as 42% on Rotten Tomatoes and even for the most die hard horror movie fans – I rate this latest mess of a movie, a big pass.

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