Movie Review: Scream

A better movie than each one of now five stupid “Scream” movies would be a 2 hour documentary about how or even why people like to see horrendous stabbing murders on a huge movie screen.

Amazingly, all of these 5 scream movies, the first one released in 1996, are all about the same. A mystery killer or killers, who wears the exact same ghost mask, goes on a mass stabbing and murder spree. There are about 10-15 false alarm trickery scenes, about 5-10 horrible murders and an ending that attempts to explain the 2 hours of idiotic plot that never makes any sense. This time around, there was barely any explanation attempt as to why the murderer(s) did what they did, because why bother? The whole story makes no sense.

These Scream movies always have the opening scene of a young attractive women being attacked and stabbed – and this time around it was particularly disturbing. Once again, why do we go to see movies like this? For me its because of this blog, for others of us, maybe there is some sort of sick and dark explanation that we will never fully understand.

At the beginning of Neve Campbell’s career as a TV actress on the TV show “Party of Five”, she probably had ambitions of great movies in her future, maybe even an Academy Award someday. Now for her entire career, she is mostly known for 5 very bad Scream movies. I would wonder if she is embarrassed about this, I sure would be.

For reasons unknown this stupid movie is getting high 70% numbers on Rotten Tomatoes – go figure, especially when you consider the very dumb ending – probably the worst of the five movies. My rating is about 30% and a solid PASS on this one.

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