Movie Review: Marry Me

Other than perhaps Doris Day, Jennifer Lopez now just might be the #1 female Rom Com (Romantic Comedy) actor of all time. If you see enough of her movies, you realize that when you see a new one, like “Marry Me”, they all pretty much seem the same. The only big difference this time around is that the story is so off the wall that it rides the line of unbelievability more than any of her other movies. Marry Me is one of those movies that anyone can realize the entire story just by seeing the movie Trailer. Two major celebrity singers are about to get married onstage, but Lopez notices that her soon to be husband has recently cheated on her, so she marries a random man in the audience, played by Owen Wilson, who is a high school math teacher. This is a completely stupid idea, that for some reason was greenlighted and funded into a film.

I thought overall the movie is not that bad, with some good moments including the appearance Sara Silverman as Owen Wilson’s friend, but the story is so predictable and boring in too many areas to say that this insane idea here was worth a try. The ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for Marry Me are an accurately low 57%. For Jennifer Lopez die hard fans, pay for a one month trial of Peacock and save the movie fee. For the rest of us, just see the trailer for this movie – and save the two hours of sitting through predictable mess.

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