Movie Review: Backlight

Every year around this time, one can depend on a new Liam Neeson action movie to be released. This is also the time of the year that some of the weakest movies of each year are released. Unfortunately for Neeson just about all of the movies he has made since the huge hit Taken in 2008 have been about him playing just about the same character every time. This is not only the problem with this movie, but is also the main reason for the extremely low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes of only 6%. For the record, this movie is not a 6% rating, but it is not any better than 50% either. We have seen all of this before, with the one exception that this time around Neeson is a fixer of other agents who go rogue and its his job to save them and turn them around.

Other issues with this story is the skipping-around-mix-it-up-confusing scenes that very often are not connected enough, making most of the story annoying. One theory I have always had about Liam Neeson is that he makes so many movies because he is still trying to get over his wife dying in a very tragic freak skiing accident in 2009. Unfortunately, making this many movies and way too many bad ones may eventually wreck his acting career.

There is no way anyone could recommend Backlight, which also has a title that makes no sense.

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