Movie Review: The Worst Person in the World

The title of the new film, “The Worst Person in the World” – considering what it is about, makes no sense. This movie is about one woman and the story arc of her relationships with two men, so perhaps she feels like the worst person in the world based on some of her decisions with breaking up with her boyfriends. Cheating on her first relationship and generally, like all of us, trying to figure out what is the best thing she has to do with her own personal life, that can be mired with agonizing pain for both people involved.

There is all also a correlation made in this story about health after a devastating breakup, something that we all know is possible due to the result of long term stress and depression on the human body. As every human being knows, relationships can give you equal parts of agony and ecstasy and can at times be about giving another person the power to cause a great deal of emotional pain, if things do not work out.

For those those to hate to read subtitles, this movie is out of Oslo Norway and does have subtitles, but the acting is so real and natural you get used to the subtitles very quickly. This movie was also nominated for an Oscar, for best original screenplay and I agree that this story was very original.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this film are a very high 97%, with my rating in the 80% range and overall, a solid recommendation.

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