Independent Film Review: Void

This movie review website started in October 2014 and over the years has been more about the writing and less about an online business venture – the reality of trying to make a new online business. Since this all began there are about 925 posts, mostly about current movies that have been released, the rest are about past movies and some posts about current events, tributes and some movie award listings. This has been a long mostly enjoyable trek, all part of a long term dream of being a screenwriter. I have written 5 screenplays myself so far – three of which I am very proud of.

Some years ago, I was ranked in the top 60 on a website called Feedspot, for the best movie review sites on the internet.  Due to my selection and rank on Feedspot, I have been asked a total of 3 times in the last few years, to review movies produced and directed by small independent filmmakers. Now finally with the 3rd request, I am proud and flattered to review a new movie called “Void” from Director/Producer/Actor/DP/Editor/Co-Writer Vaibhav Gattani – produced by his production company – Icecape films

The movie Void is unlike any film have ever seen before, with a topic that I cannot remember addressed in any film I have ever seen.

Infertility is a problem that millions of couples around the world face every day, including the many complex difficult decisions and expensive alternatives that follow this very challenging life problem.

For the story of Void, the woman becomes so desperate to have a baby, that she will do anything, including even hiring a psychoanalyst, hypnosis, and eventually even supernatural alternatives. One thing I did notice is that these insane alternatives were approached it seemed – even before the more mainstream ones were addressed first. However, this is only a less-than two-hour movie.  There is only so much time to tell a great story.

What follows are some scenes of strange events, including the use of a voodoo doll, the couple understandably arguing about what to do about their infertility and in the end a very unexpected and dramatic ending, that was extremely well done.

I thought the acting was very well done here, as well as the overall production. I give a strong recommendation to Void and hope – for the benefit of the great director that it is a great breakthrough into the extremely difficult field of filmmaking.

Void can now be seen on Vimeo:

Instagram – Icescape Films

Instagram – Vaibhav Gattani

Twitter – Icescape Films

LinkedIn – Vaibhav Gattani

Facebook – Vaibhav Gattani

Facebook – Icescape Films page

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