Movie Review: Memory

The movie career/trend with Liam Neeson continues. Momentum from the strength of the extremely good movie Taken, released in 2008, Neeson has made around 50 movies since then, and none of them come even close to the quality of Taken. One way of looking at this is that so many movies since Taken that are average or below average makes everyone appreciate how good Taken was 14 years ago. Another way of looking at this is, why is Neeson making so many average and bad movies? He has probably made more movies by far, than any other actor in Hollywood. Is it better to wait and then make a high quality production or risk damaging your career by making so many movies that are lower quality?

After seeing “Memory” – about a hit man with Alzheimer’s involved with a complicated series of hit man contracts – I was wondering how anyone who read this script would understand it, much less greenlight it. So why was this movie made? In this blog I have cited many times my theories of Hollywood deals, paybacks, favors and deals with friends. Quite simply this muddled and bad script should never have been made into a movie, because it is far from good enough. Unfortunately it seems that Neeson is involved in some kind of movie assembly line, where he just continues to act in bad productions (with 4 more in the pipeline) with total disregard to quality. Quantity over quality is never a good idea, within any industry.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Memory is a very low 30% and unfortunately I agree with this very low number and cannot recommend this mostly bad film.

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