Movie Review: Fall

The last time I saw any movie that started like the new movie “Fall”, was 22 years ago with the movie “Verticle Limit”, starring Chris O’Donnell. For those millions of us who do not have the brain abnormality and will never understand those who climb up mountains with what seems no fear of heights, or falling to their deaths or even becomming Paraplegic from the neck down – watching people risk their lives for a temporary thrill makes absolutely no sense. It is the simple science of weighing a short term thrill against a very long term disaster of being crippled for life or dead for eternity. Just what are these people thinking?

From the movie “Free Solo”, released in 2018 we all learned that the real life climber Alex Honnold has an abnormal brain that prevents him from recognizing fear. This total lack of fear was discovered during a brain MRI and it was this abnormality that enabled Honnold to be the first free climber (without ropes) of the mountain El Capitan. Somewhere along the line you would think there would be laws to prevent people like this, who have brain abnormalities from risking their lives so blatantly. Without a doubt, risking your life in this way has a temporary shelf life and one day, the horrible end will come.

From what we have all seen in recent Mission Impossible action movies, Tom Cruise also has this brain affliction that has allowed him to be the greatest stuntman of all time. All this is well and good and can be extremely impressive, but only if nothing goes wrong. When things do go wrong you are going to die, by falling to your death.

With the movie Fall, after a recent tragedy two women in their 20’s decide to scale a 2000 foot, abandoned, rusted and very dangerous radio tower. In real life, given the look of this old tower, I dont think even the most insane or stupid climber would dare to try to climb up it. The photography of these dizzying and dangerous heights is very well done, so well done that anyone with any level of severe fear of heights or vertigo might just walk out of the theater. I did not like some of the fakery with what was really going on during this story, trying to trick the audience or make us believe things were happening that did not happen, but overall the use of movie reflection (showing the use of a previous action later in the film) was very well done.

This tower according to the movie is the 4th highest structure in the United States that unfortunately is also located in the desert – that included some jackals that provide some additional danger to the two women stranded at the top. I did admire the courage of what the women tried to do to save their lives all the while trying to understand anyone stupid enough to risk their lives like this.

The actors in this movie are mostly unknowns, Grace Caroline Currey and Ginny Gardner with Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is known for the Walking Dead TV series.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Fall is a too low 71%, with my rating a solid 80% and a recommendation for this film mainly for the well done special effects.

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