Movie Review: The Invitation

Another Vampire movie. Another bad Vampire movie. So many over the years that it is probably the #1 horror movie subject, other than zombies. At this point, who cares, why do another one?

The new movie “The Invitation” is about a young woman played by Nathalie Emmanuel (who is one of the cast members of the mostly inane Fast and Furious movies), being invited to a mansion where it turns out, except for the maids and butlers – everybody seems to be a Vampire. This bad film has sections lasting long periods of time, where nothing is really happening, and this becomes tedious and boring very quickly. There are the expected horror surprises, scenes of people being killed, and blood sucking vampires – but absolutely nothing interesting or compelling. It is hard to understand why this film was ever made. This is a badly made B movie that never should have been released to the theaters. Also, anyone within a few hours of visiting this Vampire mansion would have left immediately at the first sign of a vampire or possible impending doom. Nobody would have stayed for days, like the main character in this movie.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this film is a very low 17% and unfortunately I agree with this rating and give this production a solid pass.

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