Movie Review: Honk for Jesus: Save Your Soul

Sterling K Brown is arguably, mainly based on his part on “This is Us” one of the best television actors we have ever seen. Unfortunately, at least so far, all of his attempts to parlay his huge television success have failed into making a movie that shows his great acting talent. The reason for this, as far as I have seen, is his choosing horrible parts in movies. His latest choice “Honk for Jesus: Save Your Soul”, where he plays Lee-Curtis Childs an evangelist, seems to be his worse choice yet as this movie is both boring and very bad.

It is hard to believe that any known actor could read a script this bad and still accept this role – regardless of how much money they were being paid. For someone who is as good an actor as Brown, he would be better off turning down roles until something great came his way – rather that continuing the same mistake of taking bad parts in movies. Then if no great dramatic movie role ever comes around, just stick with making television shows. There are rumors that Brown may reprise his role as Randall Pearson from This is US to play the President of the United States, working with the great writer Aaron Sorkin to make a “West Wing” like series. As long as the quality is there, it should not matter whether someone as good as Sterling K Brown is making a movie or a television show.

As far as this bad movie, Regina Hall plays Childs wife Trinitie Childs, and this entire story seems to be some kind of an attempted-Tammy Faye-Jim Baker-comedy-parody, that mostly does not work. There are many scenes where the actors are looking into the camera, trying to be funny, all of them fail. There is an inexplicable scene where Regina Hall has a long speech where she is wearing white face – what were they thinking there?

For me the only good way to see a movie this bad is on streaming using the Peacock service when you can save most of the cost of a movie ticket and see this online. This is a good idea not only for the savings but for the ability to skip past so many bad scenes and bad dialogue.

The IMDB ratings for this movie are a correct 5.1, and the audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are also accurate at 26%. For some insane reason the critics are giving this mess a 74% – which once again, makes absolutely no sense. This film is a very solid miss at all costs. Honk for Jesus and save your Money. Watch a documentary about Jim and Tammy Faye Baker instead.

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