HBO Max Series Review: Love Life

The second season of “Love Life” on HBO Max stars William Jackson Harper, as Marcus, with the first season starring Anna Kendrick – as two single people in their 30’s trying to find love. Both seasons are very good, with this review mostly about the second season. The premise of both seasons is all about – “The reality of what all human beings face, in the pursuit of finding love and a life partner”. At the end of season 2, I could not help to wonder considering what Marcus went through to find love was worth all of that pain and suffering for so long? At the very least any viewer of season 2 has to admire Marcus’ ability to stick it out after heartbreaking breakups this many times.

The first and second episodes of the second season are all about Marcus going through the trials and emotional upheaval of a divorce. Then what follows are a series of relationships, arguments, breakups, misunderstandings that are all well-acted throughout all 10 episodes. The stories within these episodes tell all of us what he already know: “there are no guarantees in life, not with how long you will live, or will ever get that great job, live in your dream home, have any money, or ever find love”. Many people continue to try and fail, mainly because they are afraid to be alone or they care so much about what other people think if they decide to stay single. Then there are others of us, who have limited patience in life’s most noble pursuit. For those who get married and stay married their lives will always be better than those who believe that the downside of emotional and financial ruin will never be worth the upside.

The acting in both seasons of Love Life is outstanding as is the writing. I agree with the high 80% ratings for this series and give a solid recommendation.

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