Movie Review: Cocaine Bear

What is an example of a dark comedy that is not funny and is too dark? “Cocaine Bear” which was released today. Why would anyone think that heads decapitated, limbs bitten off, heads blown off, and people disemboweled is somehow humorous, even under an excuse umbrella of something that is called a dark comedy? The cardinal sin of all advertised comedy movies are those that are supposed to be funny and are never funny. This one is one of the all-time champions of very unfunny comedy movies, mainly because the deaths are way too disturbing to ever be considered funny even for a very dark comedy.

In 1985 in Georgia, a drug smuggler dropped bags of cocaine into a forest from an airplane and this movie tries to speculate what would happen if a black bear found this cocaine and got high. How anyone could consider this a viable movie idea, is anyone’s guess. The real fact is that there was a bear that ate some cocaine in the 1980s but died immediately because that is what happens when a bear eats too much cocaine. I found the scenes of violence and death extremely disturbing throughout this mostly bad movie. It is also a shame that the last movie the highly respected late actor Ray Liotta made was this low-level film. According to IMDB Liotta died of natural causes at only age 67, but maybe his regret over taking this small part in a bad B movie could have caused him too much stress at the end because this was one bad decision at the end of a distinguished career in film-making. The problem with acting always is to find that one miracle script that is so hard to write and may never get through the politics and the middle men that dominate the movie industry and far too often, greenlight the wrong scripts.

Cocaine Bear movie stars Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Margo Martindale, Kristofer Hivju, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Alden Ehrenreich, and the late Ray Liotta. For the most part, I was surprised at all of the well-known actors in this film agreed to make this movie, mostly because a dark comedy is supposed to be funny at some point, and this film did not achieve any funny high notes.

Cocaine Bear was the third film directed by Elizabeth Banks and unfortunately, her first 3 movies including Pitch Perfect 3, Charlies Angels, and this mostly bad film, are not good starting points.

This is not a movie for any children to see and there will probably be some parents who will think that the bear on cocaine is cute and will be horrified at some of the scenes and will have to quickly escort their children out of the movie theater.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are too high 72% with my rating in the 50% range and a solid miss.

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